Park Lane Events Webinars – what’s it all about?!

Park Lane Events Webinars: Connecting the Events Industry Amidst Change


The Origin of Park Lane Events Webinars

Let’s just rewind a little to March 2020, the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and the time when our beloved hospitality industry was flipped over and turned upside down. Here at PLE, I was preparing to celebrate a successful 5 years of building my business when overnight, contracts were lost, events were cancelled and forecasting became a thing of the past. After the initial shock of what was happening to the events industry had started to kick in, it soon became clear that finding a way to stay in regular touch with both my industry contacts and venues was key to my sanity and ultimately, my business moving forward.

Zoom very quickly became our ‘go-to’ form of communication amongst my fellow event professionals and so I decided to embark on hosting a series of 6 conference and event focused webinars to help us all feel a little more connected and to share the ever-changing updates to our industry, all whilst we tried to navigate ourselves as best we could through a global pandemic. What a truly crazy time it was! I still remember hosting the very first webinar when I honestly thought nobody would be there to join me. How wrong I was!  Fellow event professionals showed up, I actually enjoyed the whole experience once the initial nerves had passed and it was definitely the start of a new journey for Park Lane Events. Fast forward to August 2023 and I am now hosting quarterly webinars, my nerves have settled and I can’t quite believe that over 150 event professionals registered for the last one!

What’s on the Agenda?

Hosted over Zoom, my webinars are free to attend and if you register and then find that you can’t attend it ‘live’ – a recording is sent over by email within 24 hours. The agenda is shared prior to the webinar taking place and this can often be a moveable feast; if nothing else, we have learnt to respond quickly within our industry and I try and keep the topics and information that I share as up-to-date as possible! From new venue openings, enquiry turnaround times and event planning trends to chatting with industry professionals, venue refurbs and exhibition updates, my webinars are tailored to provide you with valuable knowledge, networking opportunities and a platform where we are all able to share ideas, insights, and best practices.

Who are they aimed at?

If you’re a corporate event buyer, an agent, an event venue, freelancer or an event planner, my conference and events webinars are specifically designed with you in mind. I strongly believe that through working together and supporting each other, we can help to rebuild the conference market in the UK, unlock new opportunities and grow together!

Join the Upcoming Webinar

If you’re interested in joining me on my next webinar, head over to my webinar page and sign up. I would love to see you there!

Previous Webinars

You can watch all my previous webinars here, and sign-up for future dates.